The organization is divided into two Northern and Southern geographic sections. Schools associated with these sections can be found in their "Regional Programs" tab of their respective sites.


To improve the quality of associate degree nursing education throughout the state and to promote safety and quality of patient care. These purposes will be achieved by:

  • Coordinating activities designed to enhance and improve student access, curriculum, career mobility, and employment. Enhancing communication and networking between various nursing programs at all levels by providing a forum for discussion and sharing of successes, problems, and concerns.
  • Developing group positions on current issues from sources including consumers, legislatures, student paraprofessionals having a direct impact on associate degree nursing education and to plan appropriate actions related to these positions.
  • Promoting, encouraging, and providing continuing education and staff development activities for Associate Degree Directors, and Faculty.
  • Monitoring/disseminating information regarding legislation and appointments to boards, task forces, and similar entities that influence nursing.
  • Providing for the socialization and orientation process of new directors.

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